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DevBuildRunner is being developed as OSI Certified Open Source Software.  It is to provide development teams with simple web based GUI control of their build PC and make selection of build options simpler.  It allows developers (or any user wanting to run a task) to select a task from a simple list and then set options for that task.  Options will include things like language, alpha/beta/release candidate/release build type, e-mail notification of success or failure.


The idea is to make running a team build PC easier so the team can get on with the real job.  It could be used for any tasks that need to be managed on a network PC.


DevBuildRunner is not a make tool, it calls the make tool or compilers like Visual Studio.

For more info on what, why go to About DevBuildRunner

Version 0.1.0 (Alpha) released


Released version includes:

  • Build target selection

  • Queue build tasks

- Rob


Road Map

No active development plans.

If something wanted post a request.

- Rob


Last updated: 27th June, 2004