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About DevBuildRunner

Firstly, DevBuildRunner is not a make tool.  It is a tool to run any task on a network PC such as:

  • Make tools
  • Compilers
  • Documentation software
  • Metrics software.  

DevBuildRunner is a network build PC front end to help development teams work more efficiently.

It is a tool to simplify the running of repetitive tasks, particularly those with options such as languages or build types or on a network PC.  DevBuildRunner is being developed for development teams with a build PC.  It will allow simple task selection, queuing, status, and history viewing via a web GUI.  It will notify a list of e-mail address of build success or failure.

DevBuildRunner will queue tasks so one build PC can be used to serve multiple teams or do multiple builds one after the other.  It will also allow scheduling of regular/nightly builds.

To run a build using DevBuildRunner:

  1. Go the DevBuildRunner web page on your intranet.
  2. Select the product to build.
  3. Select the options for that product.
    • Language
    • Alpha / Beta / Release Candidate / or Release
  4. Select when to run.
    • Now
    • Once at given time
    • Regularly on a schedule (nightly builds)
  5. Select e-mail notification/distribution list.

For details on features go to Features.